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Geometrics has supplied the world with rugged, portable, easy-to-use, and technologically-innovative geophysical instruments — and responsive, worldwide customer support, since 1969.

Our line of seismographs, magnetometers, and geoelectrical instruments enables subsurface imaging for the following applications:

  • Mineral, oil, and gas exploration
  • Geohazard studies
  • Fault investigations
  • Rippability and depth to bedrock
  • Unexploded ordnance mapping
  • Geotechnical engineering studies
  • Archaeology

Learn why colleges and universities, research institutions, government agencies, and exploration firms depend on our 45+ years of field experience.

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Find out about renting geophysical instruments and accessories.

Our instructional, tutorial, and promotional video library is packed with information regarding many of Geometrics products including setup, software tutorials and case studies. Click here to view a complete list of available videos.

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"The salvage was a complete success thanks in part to you and your tech support team. We can't thank you enough. "
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