7th Annual P-Cable Workshop Draws 60 Attendees to Oslo Science Park

Feb 26, 2014 | Posted in Blog, News

Sixty professionals from academia and industry attended the 7th P-Cable workshop in Oslo, Norway in early February.

P-Cable Workshop

P-Cable Workshop

The workshop focuses on the use and interpretation of P-Cable 3D HiRes seismic data collected worldwide. Speakers included:

• Sverre Planke, Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research AS - Barents Sea Mesozoic Hi-Res Geology
• Bent Kjølhamar, TGS - Hoop Fault Complex
• Stefan Bünz, UiT - Gas Hydrates and Hi-Res 3D in the Arctic; Hi-Res 4D Seismic Investigations
• Tip Meckel, UT Austin - Hi-Res Studies in the Gulf of Mexico
• Jörg Bialas, IFM Geomar - 3D Investigations Offshore New Zealand
• Christian Berndt, Geomar - Imaging Gas Hydrates in Taiwan
• Jens Karstens, Geomar - Montserrat 3D Investigation and IODP Work
• Rune Øverås, PSS Geo - Ghost Removal in Deep Towing
• Sergey Buryak, Deco Geophysical - Hi-Res 3D Processing
• Craig Lippus, Geometrics - Status of the P-Cable System

Commercial interests represented at the workshop included:

Watch this space for information on the 2015 conference. If you would like to be added to the invitation list, email Craig Lippus at

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