Geometrics' Geode Featured in Upcoming Documentary

Oct 04, 2016 | Posted in Blog, News

On Sunday, October 2, 2016, Dr. Gretchen Schmauder, PG of Geometrics Inc. worked with the Science Channel to film an episode of “Secrets of the Underground", which will air in February 2017. Before coming to Geometrics, Dr. Schmauder spent nearly a decade working in the field, during which time she collected hundreds of Vs30 measurements and analyzed their relationship to ground motion and seismic hazards. Details are confidential until after the show airs, but we can say that Dr. Schmauder served as a subject matter expert while showing the ease and versatility of the Geode in subsurface investigation.

The Geometrics Geode is industry recognized as the most durable, dependable and versatile seismograph on the market. Individually, each Geode is capable of recording up to 24-channels, and can be combined to create systems recording up to 1000 channels on multiple lines. The Geode has been used all over the world and in some extreme conditions. It is the workhorse you need in your geophysical toolkit.

Secrets of the Underground Film Crew

Dr. Schmauder shown in the center holding the Geode Seismograph with the Film Crew

The Geode is ideal for engineering applications such as Vs30 measurements, rippability, and depth to bedrock studies. The Geode is bundled with SeisModule Controller Software, industry-standard professional software with a user-friendly interface. The software allows users to monitor real-time noise and seismic signals during the survey, so you can be confident in your data.

We are happy to discuss ways that you can use a Geode to perform site investigations for your project. We have a variety of hardware and software options for a range of applications, from standard 24-channel MASW and MAM lines for collecting Vs30 data to refraction for rippability and depth to bedrock surveys.

We both sell and rent the Geode, Geode accessories, and processing software. For rental inquiries, contact Rentals. For purchasing, or more information on the Geode and its uses, contact Sales.

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