New Product Announcement!

Oct 27, 2017 | Posted in Blog, News

The Geometrics' Atom is here!

Geometrics is excited to announce the release of the Atom, our highly anticipated wireless seismograph system. We have nearly 50 years of being the premier supplier of geophysical equipment experience built into the Atom, which is the newest product in our line of rugged, highly reliable seismographs. We shipped our first order, a 72-channel system, this week and celebrated the accomplishment on Friday!


A Geometrics'

The Atom eliminates the need for heavy cables. Users no longer need to worry about laying cables across roads or driveways, getting tangled in obstructions, or being constrained by the pre-determined takeout spacing. The new Atom system allows users to perform surveys in highly trafficked urban environments that may be problematic for cabled systems. Data from the Atom can be retrieved in three ways; wirelessly using a Wi-Fi access point, via USB, or by copying the data from a USB card. Another feature is that the Atom can be used with our Geode system to expand your current system.

The Atom system comes with geophones, charger, software, and an access point to plug into your computer. Atom array sizes are configurable to meet your needs, so contact us to speak with a specialist and how you can purchase your own Atom system. Or, if you’re interested in seeing a demonstration, contact us for our show schedule or online tutorial.

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