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StrataGem software - IMAGEM - The current Stratagem software is for upgrading any older IMAGEM version 2.00 or later. For those owning a Stratagem with copies of IMAGEM version 1.85 or earlier, please contact Geometrics for upgrading your software. (imagem.exe 247 KB)

Imagem Software Installation Instructions - Imagem can be run from a shortcut within Windows XP. This document describes how to perform the installation.

StrataGem EH-4 Manual

OhmMapper TR1 Manual

MagMap2000 - Download and processing software program (2.4 MB)

MagMap2000/DataMap™ User Manual 3.6 MB)

Resistivity inversion and modeling software (Click for Geotomo Software web page), then click downloads for demo version of RES2DINV, RES3DINV, RES2DMOD, RES3DMOD, manuals, brochures, and resistivity tutorial notes.

A practical guide to 2-D and 3-D surveys - by Dr. M. H. Loke (lokenote.pdf 618 KB)

Stratagem Resistivity Plotter (SRP)

The Stratagem Resistivity Plotter is simple tool for making 2-D plots of Stratagem Resistivity data. It uses the Python Matplotlib scientific plotting library and thus is open source free software. It is available as a Windows (32 bit) installer and as python source code as well. Using the installer for Windows requires no programming. The python code will run on Mac OSX and Linux as well, but using the python source would require installing python, numpy, scipy, and matplotlib and is left as an exercise for the advanced user. The program allows the user to combine high and low frequency mode soundings into one plot.

Download the 32 bit installer. Download the 64 bit installer. The 32 bit version will work on both 32 and 64 bit Windows. The 64 bit version will work only on 64 bit Windows.


Stratagem Data Sheet

Stratagem Data Sheet en Espanol

Stratagem Slide Presentation

Kimberlite Exploration

Platinum Exploration

Magnetotelluric and Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance measurements of regional and local variability of deep saline permafrost in Adventdalen, Svalbard

G100K Coil Datasheet

G20K Coil Datasheet


  • OhmMapper Survey from Arctic Circle (1.1 MB)

  • OYO-Geometrics OhmMapper Levee Research (811.03 KB)

  • OhmMapper Data Sheet

    OhmMapper Data Sheet en Espanol

    OhmMapper Operations Manual

    OhmMapper Slide Presentation

    OhmMapper Applications Snapshot

    Applications of Capacitively Coupled Resistivity Surveys in Florida

    OhmMapper Survey at the Camp Parks RFTA Former Tank Farm

    Results of a Magnetometer and Electrical Resistivity Survey for a Buried Moonshine Still

    Characterization of a Caliche Layer

    Survey for Ice Lenses In Permafrost

    Geophysical mapping of ground ice using a combination of capacitive coupled resistivity and ground-penetrating radar,


    MetalMapper Datasheet

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