G-823 Cesium Magnetometer

The model G-823A is similar to the G-822A but includes our CM-201 Larmor counter. It provides unmatched versatility of performance, size, function, and cost effectiveness.

In addition to providing digital measurement of the magnetic field the CM-201 counter also provides a Julian / Time / Date time stamp for each measurement and provision to accept an external sync pulse and six A/D converters for the conversion and concatenation of other signals (e.g. radar / barometric altimeter, EM receiver).


The 823-A Base Station

The system's high performance and multifunction capability are excellent for mapping geologic structure, for mining, oil and gas exploration and the detection of buried drums for environmental surveys. Custom cable lengths and special packaging are available for each of these applications.


  • Airborne and vehicle applications with multi-sensor array capability
  • High sensitivity
  • Versatility - CM-201 counter includes 6 channel 12 bit A/D converters for digitization of altimeter or other analog signals, digital data stream concatenation
  • Superior resolution of the Cesium Larmor signal with the earth's field tracking rates exceeding thousands of nT (Y) over 0.1 second periods
  • Gradiometer arrays offering simultaneous operation of up to six separate sensors using the designed-in concatenation of the CM-201 internal mini-counter
  • Geometrics offers complete turnkey systems including Birds, Stringers, Wing tip installation accessories as well as Digital Data Acquisition Systems, Flight Path Recovery, GPS Navigation, Gamma Ray Spectrometers, VLF EM and Post Acquisition Data Processing Software and training.

    Configuration: Base Station G-823B
Geometrics 823B

Producing sensors with extremely low heading error (+/- 0.25nT) is an expensive and time consuming process. Some sensors are produced to a less exacting heading error standard and are thus designated as model G-823B. These units are identical in all performance and reliability standards except for the heading error. Heading error specs are not supplied with this model sensor. These systems are offered for base station use, (where heading error is not an issue) at a significantly lower price.

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