Atom Wireless Seismic System

Now Available!

Atom Wireless Seismic System

Geometrics just released our new Atom Passive Wave system, designed to quickly obtain shear wave velocity measurements to depths of over 1km. Our system is composed of multiple, single-channel acquisition units and our SeisImager Surface Wave processing package.

The Atom is a complete solution, composed of individual acquisition units with 24-bit A/D conversion, GPS-controlled timing, 4 GB of internal data storage and a 4ms sample rate. Each acquisition unit weighs approximately 3.5 pounds and has a battery life of up to 70 hours between charges. The standard 4 GB memory can record for 560 hours. For extended recording, the internal memory is up-gradable to 32GB

The Atom is unique in that it does not rely on traditional and heavy spread cables. Users are no longer constrained by preset spacing or geometries or by site conditions such as high traffic areas, roads, and driveways. Plan your passive survey to meet your needs.

Atom Layout

L-shaped array with non-uniform spacing in the Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, using the Atom Passive Wave Wireless Seismic system

Operation couldn't be easier. Users turn the boxes on by shaking them. The box will automatically begin recording as soon as it achieves GPS lock. LEDs inform the operator of the battery status, network state, GPS time lock and geophone connection. Data is retrievable via WiFi and a laptop, and can be processed using Geometrics' SeisImager software.


  • Internal Power: No big batteries to lug around
  • Low energy consumption - Operates up to 70 hours in the field between charges!
  • Simple acquisition - No laptop required
  • GPS time synchronization – Cable free!
  • Wireless downloading – Cable free!
  • Passive data acquisition – No hammers or weight drops
  • Unmatched Specifications – 24 bit, ultra-high resolution 1.5 to 1,650 kHz bandwidth, low distortion (<0.001% at 25Hz, 2ms)

See Datasheet

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