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Q. What does the MetalMapper 2×2 do?

A. The MetalMapper 2×2 is a specialized instrument used for the characterization and discrimination of UXO (unexploded ordnance). The instrument uses an array of transmitter coils and receiver cubes to measure the EMI (electromagnetic induction) response of buried metal targets in the ground. Using software inversion algorithms, the data is used to discriminate targets of interest (TOI) from scrap metal.

Q. What types of UXO can be discriminated?

A. Most metal UXO larger than a 37mm projectile can be discriminated from scrap metal. It can be difficult or impossible to discriminate smaller munitions like 20mm or small arms rounds. The MetalMapper 2×2 cannot be used for anti-tank or anti-personnel landmines, or for other UXO that is non-metallic.

Q. What is the depth of investigation?

A. The MetalMapper 2×2 can usually detect all UXO targets of interest to depths of 60cm, and larger TOI to depths of 1m or more.

Q. What does a typical MetalMapper 2×2 survey involve?

A. The MetalMapper 2×2 measures in 2 distinct modes. A dynamic survey involves collecting data over the site while the instrument moves in a series of parallel swaths. The dynamic survey then identifies targets which need further characterization. These targets are then measured during a static or cued survey, where the instrument makes measurements while stationary over the previously identified targets.

Q. How fast can the MetalMapper 2×2 survey?

A. In clear areas with a trained 2 man crew, the MetalMapper 2×2 can survey about ¾ of an acre per day in dynamic mode or collect 200 cued targets per day in static mode.

Q. Can the MetalMapper 2×2 be used as a general purpose metal detector?

A. It is not practical to use the MetalMapper as a metal detector for applications like prospecting or utility location due to the specialized nature of the measurement and the instrument cost.

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