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Geometrics Inc. offers both short and long-term rentals of our full line of geophysical instrumentation. This includes land and marine seismic systems, land, marine, and airborne magnetometers, as well as our full line of electromagnetics equipment. We have over 40 years of experience, and you can rent with the confidence that comes from knowing you are getting the finest equipment and customer support, directly from the manufacturer.

Our rental rates are among the most competitive in the business. And, if you choose to purchase the instrument you are using, we offer both rental credits and used equipment discounts. Contact us to find out how much you can save by renting or purchasing a refurbished system.

Below is a partial list of instruments and their rental prices (all prices in US$). A signed rental agreement and insurance (or deposit) will be required at the time of the rental. Please contact us for more information.

Please Note: The rental prices do not include transportation, custom clearance and/or training costs.

If you are a new customer and wish to set-up net payment terms, please fill out the Credit Application and fax or email to us. Please note that we need 5 business days to complete your application and the first order may still be CIA terms.

*Please contact our Rentals Department using the form below. Someone will get back to you within one business day.

InstrumentsDescriptionOne Time SetupDaily Rental
Stratagem EH4EM device$580$420
Ohmmapper capacitively coupled resistivityResistivity Device$300$195
TR-2 (two receivers)-$360$235
TR-3 (three receivers)-$420$275
TR-4 ( four receivers )-$480$315
TR-5 (five receivers)-$510$355
RES2DINVSoftware for 2-D analysis-$25/day $580/month
InstrumentsDescriptionOne Time SetupDaily Rental
G-857 Proton Procession MagnetometerPortable Mag*$75$27
G-858 Cesium MagPortable Mag*$95$80
G-858 Gradiometer Cesium MagPortable Mag w/Grad*$95$95
G-859 Cesium Mag with integrated GPSPortable Mag backpack *$170$85
Magnetometer CartTwo to four sensor with GPS mounting hardware$110$40
G-882 Marine Magnetometer200Ft Cable w/Depth *$235$118
G-882 Marine Magnetometer200ft Cable w/ Depth/ Alt*$285$143
G-882 TVG Marine Magnetometer system Dual Mag system /400ft Cable w/ Depth/Alt *$750$375
G-823A Airborne MagnetometerAirborne Cesium Magnetometer *$230$115
G-824A Cesium MagnetometerCesium Magnetometer**$325$165
Maglog Lite/ProLogging software$125/week$450/month
Tallysman™ WAAS / EGNOS ready GPSAP Portable backpack GPS$100$50

Note: G-882 includes depth transducer, logging software, 200-foot tow cable. Optional depth transducers and cable lengths are available.

* Minimum rental period for marine systems, G-858 and G-856AX is 7 days. Shorter duration rentals are available, but please call.

** G-824A Rental includes 1 copy of MagLog PRO per system

InstrumentsDescriptionOne Time SetupDaily Rental
Geode G2424 ChannelContact usContact us
Geode G24 full system24 Channels, incl. phones/cables$254$127
Geode G4848 Channels - 2 GeodesContact usContact us
Geode G48 full system48 Channels, incl. phones/cables$440$220
Geode Reflection Systems24 to 360 ChannelsContact usContact us
Typical ST24 full system24 Channels, incl. phones/cablesContact usContact us
GeoEel Liquid Digital StreamerUp to 48ch with 6.25m group intervalContact usContact us
MicroEel Analog Streamer24ch, 3.125 group interval (Requires Seismograph and Source)Contact usContact us
Bubble PulserHegg Marine Model HMS-620$700$350
Downhole Array12ch, 1m interval with 200m Lead In(Requires Seismograph and Source)$200$100
Downhole Array12ch, 5m interval with 100m Lead In(Requires Seismograph and Source)$200$100
P-Cable 3D Digital Streamer3.125m group intervalContact usContact us
SeisImager Software SuiteRefraction and Surface Wave (MASW, Microtremor) Data Analysis Software40hr - $200,75hr - $300, 250hr - $500
Accessories for Seismic Equipment
InstrumentsDescriptionOne Time SetupDaily Rental
High Voltage Blaster*HVB-1$10$5
Spread Cables - 24 Takeouts*4ft, 10ft or 20ft intervals-Mueller Clip)$40$20
Geophones - 4.5Hz, 14Hz and 40Hz*All Vertical Comp. and 14Hz Horizontal Comp.$50
26 Phone Set
26 Phone Set

*Rates when renting Geometric's Seismographs. Contact for rates when renting without Geometric's Seismograph.
*For other geophone configurations, please contact Rentals

Note: other accessories are available but not listed, please contact Geometrics lease department to discuss your requirements and get a system quote. "Typical system" prices include Geophones, cables, striker plate, and trigger extension cables. We can configure a system to meet your personal needs, please contact Geometrics to discuss other options and accessories. Note there is a $100 minimum rental order.

Please use the form below for assistance with your rental inquiry.

Please reference LEASEPOOL on the shipping label. For international shipments, please indicate on the air waybill and commercial invoice that equipment is U.S. goods being returned under HTS code 9801.00.1090/9015.80.80 and Geophysical Equipment must be referenced. For airfreight shipments, the destination airport must be San Francisco (SFO). DO NOT INSURE SHIPMENT.

Please reference LEASEPOOL on the shipping label. DO NOT INSURE SHIPMENT.

All equipment returns ship to our mailing address:
Geometrics, Inc.
2190 Fortune Drive
San Jose, CA 95131

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